Eaton E-Locker

How do I activate my ELocker?
ELockers are activated by a dash or council mounted switch.

What is the Warranty on the ELocker?
ELockers are guaranteed for one year against manufacturers defects.

What OE vehicles are equipped with the ELocker?
The GM H2 and H3 Hummers have factory Eaton ELocker options.

Are ELockers rebuildable?
Yes. Depending upon your needs, several types of service kits are available - the gear service kit, locking mechanism kit, stator/armature kit, and the universal wiring kit.

What locking modes does an ELocker have?
The ELocker operates as a standard (or open) differential. When the Elocker is engaged, the ball ramps or pins are energized, causing full lock.

Can I just purchase the wiring harness?
Yes, the wiring harness is universal to fit any vehicle, and can be purchased separately.

Is a relay necessary for ELocker operation?
That switch cannot handle the current that the ELocker needs. Therefore the relay is needed to run both the ELocker and the switch.

Can the ELocker be engaged “on the fly”?
Yes. You can engage it on the fly up to a certain point, probably around 15 - 20 mph. However, you must be careful that the wheel speed difference (between the right and left wheel) remains low, under a 50 rpm difference. Therefore we specify that the vehicle speed should be below 3 or 5 mph when engaging the ELocker.

Does ELocker have any special installation requirements?
Yes. All Dana 30 and 35 model Elocker differentials require LM102949 bearings and LM102911 races. See installation instructions.

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