JT's Electric Locker Install Guide 03+ Dodge Ram 2500 3500 (AAM 9.25” Front Differential)

With vehicle supported in a safe manner. Remove differential cover, drain gear lube.

Remove calipers, brackets, abs sensors. Remove 4 bolts on each side to remove wheel bearing hub assembly. (puller tool may be required to remove hub assembly).

Remove axle shafts from both sides.

Mark carrier bearing caps with punch (they must be installed in the same location). Remove adjuster locks. Back-off the threaded adjusters by rotating them outward. Be sure that carrier is supported as you remove 4 carrier bearing cap bolts.

Remove 12 Ring gear bolts (Note: They are left-hand thread!). Use punch to remove ring gear. Flat file Ring gear mating surface on both the ring gear and the new locker.
-Clean any debris or oil from threads.
-Flat file Ring gear mating surface on both the ring gear and the new locker.
-Install Ring gear onto new locker. (Do not use bolts to pull ring gear onto carrier)
-Ensure ring gear is fully seated & torque bolts to 75 ft. lbs.

Install actuator with the 3 supplied button-head screws and torque to 12 ft lbs. Press carrier bearings onto new locker.

Install new locker into housing.
-Ensure lock tab is against housing and wires face outward.
-Rotate adjusters until snug on carrier.
-Install bearing caps and snug carrier cap bolts. (be sure to align w/ left and right marks you made prior).
-Set backlash to 0.006”-0.010”. Moving carrier left increases backlash and to the right decreases backlash.
-Torque cap bolts to 80 ft lbs
-Install adjuster locks (use red loctite).
- Route the black and white wire under adjuster lock to prevent movement (do not pinch wire)
-The yellow and red wires are not going to be used for standard installation.

-Drill cover with 23/64” drill in upper left corner. (Check for adequate clearance beforehand)

-Install rubber grommet.
-Run the black and the white wire through grommet w/ some RTV to prevent leaks
-Install coverplate, make sure wires have adequate clearance.
-Install axles, hub assemblies, calipers, abs sensors, etc.
-Fill diff w/ gear lube to proper level.
-Test locker w/ 12 volt supply.

These instructions are designed as a general installation guide. Installation of These Products requires specialized skills such as differential set up, drilling, wiring, as well as mechanical & electrical trouble shooting. If you have any questions or are unsure about how to proceed, please contact our shop or seek help from a competent installer. Please operate equipment carefully and observe proper safety procedures.