Why would you want to re-gear your vehicle?

The most important parts of your vehicle are the parts you never see. Most newer vehicles have a high-geared overdrive and are shipped from the factory ‘under-geared’ so that the vehicle runs at lower RPMs on the freeway.

Even slightly bigger tires and heavy accessories change how your vehicle moves. Bigger tires turn slower at the axis, but require more power to move and that changes when your transmission shifts and lugs your engine.
Its a mechanical problem that requires a simple mechanical solution. Changing your gearing ratio. By changing the gear ratio you raise your RPMs, making your transmission shift at proper points, increasing your engine's power efficiency and creating less wear and tear on your powertrain.
And as always, on 4wd vehicles, both the front and rear gear need to be the same ratio because they need to be turning at the same speed.

Like on a bicycle; but with a large input sprocket and smaller output sprocket, rather than the smaller pinion input and larger ring, output gear, the principles are the same, you can sense the differences in ratios easily.

A 44:9 ratio, or 4.88 ratio is a lot harder to push starting out. That's for every 1 rotation of the input gear, we have 4.88 rotations of the smaller gear, giving it a low mechanical advantage of 0.20 due to how much effort is put into that 1 rotation.

A 43:14 ratio, or 3.07 ratio, or for every 1 rotation of the input we get 3.07 rotations of the output, is a easier to push starting out, giving it a much higher mechanical advantage of 0.33.

That puts money in your wallet for more adventures.
Call one of our experts today and find out how easy and cost effective it is to get your vehicle at it's best.
Check out our RPM calculator, figure what ratio you need and if needed, call us, we're happy to help get you on...or off, the road in no time.