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Install Tips

Install Tips for 100 series Ball Joint Style Upper Control Arms

1. Raise vehicle on hoist, or set on jackstands, remove wheels.
2. Remove bolts holding abs wire so that it is loose.
3. Unbolt upper ball joint and separate it from knuckle, mark upper cam-bolts and then remove them.
4. When installing new arms, apply grease to the upper poly bushings and sleeves prior to installation. Make sure to apply grease to outside face that pivots in frame bracket.
5. Re-install cam-bolts to marked positions and snug the bolts.
6. Before bolting the upper ball joint to the knuckle, cycle the arm up and down to ensure there is adequate clearance in the frame bracket. If there is interference, simply grind the frame where needed.
7. Grease upper pivot bushings at the zerk fittings while cam bolts are loose, then torque upper factory cam-bolts to OE spec.
8. Fasten abs wire to arm with zip-ties, make sure it is routed in a way that it cannot come in contact with moving parts.
9. Re-install wheels etc, take vehicle to alignment shop for alignment.

Maintenance tips:
-When greasing upper pivot bushings in the future, make sure to loosen the cam bolts before hand.
This prevents buildup of hydraulic pressure and allows grease to enter between bushing face and frame bracket.

Shock tips:
-To utilize the full benefit of these UCA’s see the recommended Icon Vehicle Dynamics extended travel shocks:
ICON2.5LC100-F Icon Extended Travel Front 2.5” Internal Reservoir Shock
ICON2.5LC100-EXT Icon Extended Travel Front 2.5” Remote Reservoir Shock
ICON2.5LC100-CDC Icon Extended Travel Front 2.5” Remote Reservoir Shock w/ CDC Adjusters

We also recommend using a diff drop kit. Installation should be done by professional with suspension experience. Suspension should be cycled prior to driving to avoid over-extension of steering components, cv’s etc.