Thank you JustDifferentials and Nitro Gear & Axle, for standing behind a great product. You said to give these axles hell and I punched them in the face and they took it. Nitro gear and axle fully has my trust and confidence in their product

-Jimmy Jack

Peterson's 4WD Magazine Ultimate Adventure 2013

We choose to run Nitro Gear axle components in our race car. Ease of gear set up, comprehensive and complete install kits along with a knowledgeable staff allow us more prep time between races.Nitro Gear has everything we need to build competition proven differentials and axles.

-Ben Swain,

Ultra4 Driver HomeGrown Racing #36

Huge thanks to Just Differentials for next day airing out my new ring and pinion and saving our annual Thanksgiving 4 wheeling trip! You guys Rock!!!!

Donovan, Arizona

Picking the right differential ratio for your tire size and intended vehicle use is very important. Nitro engineered their Ring & Pinion gear sets to perform great as both a daily driver and weekend wheeler. And when you undergo difficult and unexpected yard work, such as hauling 10,320-pounds behind your Triple Transfer Case-equipped 3rd gen Tacoma on 40" tires, I'm happy to know Nitro 5.29:1 Tacoma Ring & Pinion Gears has my back!

Big Mike - Marlin Crawler- Fresno, CA

Dear Mike, It sure was a great pleasure doing business with you, and I certainly will use your services every time needed. Meanwhile, I appreciate your professionalism and an effective way of doing business.

George, Armenia

We did a metallurgical comparison, conducted by a testing lab that does FAA forensic work, Pratt Whitney & GE engine parts testing, on Nitro Gear and Toyota ring and pinions. Results are: Both gear sets were identical in metal chemistry, machine finish & Rockwell.

-Carl. carlsdifferentials.com