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Nitro Helix - Helical Gear Posi
  • Maintenance free clutchless design
  • No friction modifier required
  • Aggressive traction profile
  • No Posi chatter
Nitro Power Lock
  • 4 pinion design.
  • Rebuildable clutches, no clutch guides.
  • Aggressive traction profile.
  • Requires friction modifier.
Nitro Posi
  • Carbon fiber clutches, not steel.
  • Rebuildable, uses Eaton springs.
  • Requires friction modifier.
Eaton Truetrac
  • The Truetrac uses helical type 'worm' gears. These gears are directional by design and fit specifically in either a front or rear application.
  • Does not require a friction modifier or synthetic oil.
  • Does not 'chatter' or make noise like a clutch style limited-slip.
Eaton Posi
  • Carbon fiber clutches, not steel.
  • Rebuildable, optional coil spring preloads 200-800 lbs.
  • Requires friction modifier.
Eaton Trac Loc
  • Lower initial purchase point.
  • Rebuildable clutches.
  • Requires friction modifier.
Auburn Limited-Slip Differential
  • Uses clutch-cones instead of clutch disks.
  • 2 pinion design.
  • Not rebuildable, 1 year warranty + 4 Year replacement plan.
  • Requires friction modifier.