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Toyota 10.5" Standard Rotation Toyota 7.5 Reverse Rotation Toyota 7.5 Standard Rotation
Toyota 8" Clamshell IFS Reverse Rotation Toyota 8" Reverse Rotation Toyota 8" (4-Cyl & V6) Standard Rotation
Toyota 8.2" Standard Rotation Toyota 8.4" Standard Rotation Toyota 9" Clamshell IFS Reverse Rotation
Toyota 8.75" Standard Rotation Toyota 9.5" Standard Rotation
The Nitro Difference:

First Picture:
On the left a Toyota 8" (T8) pinion with 27 splines. OEM correct for 2002 and older Toyota Tacoma, 4-Runner, Pick-Up, Hilux, Etc

In the Middle a Nitro Toyota 8" (TV6) pinion with 29 splines. OEM correct for 2003 & newer Toyota applications. With a Nitro YOKTOYFITKIT-29 you can now upgrade early Toyota models to the superior 29 spline pinion and Nitro will never make you downgrade a late model Toyota to a 27 spline pinion like our competitors!

For comparison on the right a Nitro Toyota 8.4" pinion. Close up of the pinion splines.

Bridged bearing caps in the Toyota 8.4" housing. Size difference between 8" and Land Cruiser 9.5"