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Air Actuated Electric/ Magnetic OX Locker
Selectable Locker:
(ARB, TJM, OX, Auburn ECTED, Eaton E-Locker)
  • Selectable lockers fall into 3 categories - Air, electric and manual.
  • Air lockers use compressed air from a vehicle-mounted air compressor to engage the locking mechanism.
  • Electric lockers use an electrical pulse to engage a magnetic locking device.
  • Manual lockers (OX) must be engaged by pulling a cord, usually requiring the driver to exit the vehicle (although many OX can be upgraded to electric).
  • Air and electric lockers can be activated by a switch inside the vehicle.
  • Selectable lockers are fully locked when engaged and function as an open differential when not engaged.
  • Some electric lockers function as a limited-slip differential when not engaged.